The world of SMT production: X-ray inspection

The world of SMT production: X-ray inspection Door: Eurocircuits N.V.

🚀 The world of SMT production: Discover the hidden details! 🚀

Correctly formed solder joints between the electronic components and the connections on the PCB are crucial for the performance and longevity of electronic devices. To save space on the PCB, many ICs are located in BGA, QFN and LGN housings. In these chip housings, the contacts are located under the base of the housing. This is referred to as invisible solder joints on the PCB.

🔍 Using X-ray inspection, we PCBA manufacturers can view these areas on the PCB without destroying them. X-ray inspection provides us with important information to analyse the cause of defects, such as excessive solder, lack of solder, mechanical failure of components or cracks. This valuable information helps us to optimise the production processes. We also use the X-ray system to analyse hidden problems inside the PCB, such as bad metallisation in the holes or via cracks. 🛠️

🎥 Click on the video now to see our #Nikon XT V160 X-ray inspection system in action. The system provides a real-time live 2D image and has the possibility to construct 3D images as well. Amazing!

👉 Take a look!

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