Determination of Contaminants in Food and Food Packaging – a closer look in the analytical toolbox

Food safety is a major concern for the European population, with many food scandals being reported in the past few years in Europe and even on a global scale. The growing world population up to 9.7 billion by 2050 will further increase the demand for food. This will require higher crop production globally, by enhancing productivity through optimised methods, fertilisers, agrochemicals and pesticides. Food contaminants like pesticides, dioxins, heavy metals and more are of great concern to our society as they are harmful to human health, pollute natural resources and disturb the equilibrium of the ecosystem. Consequently, stricter food safety regulations are being enforced around the world and national programs have set maximum allowable concentration levels for monitoring the steadily increasing number of contaminants in food products. Shimadzu´s analytical toolbox includes the total solution for food analysis such as LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS and ICP-MS for the accurate determination of food contaminants.
Dit webinar vindt plaats op donderdag 12 november om 13:00
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Uwe Oppermann, Shimadzu