Laminar flow based mass spectrometry for sensitive and robust pesticide determination in complex food matrices

This presentation will focus on recent developments in the sensitive and robust quantitative determination of pesticides in complex food matrices using PerkinElmer’s QSight® LC/MS/MS. With residual levels strictly regulated for human health and safety, short analytical turnaround times are critical to providing the necessary information required to rapidly detect the presence of trace-levels of pesticides in matrix rich food samples. Tackling the challenge of chemical diversity of these pesticides will be addressed, along with a comprehensive workflow from sample preparation, over chromatographic separation to mass spectrometric detection, thereby providing food safety chemists all the tools they need to meet their analytical challenges. Further, laminar flow based mass spectrometry will be discussed as technology facilitating method development, ensuring a robust and reliable analyses with only the necessary sample preparation, while saving time on instrument maintenance and thus improving productivity and sample throughput.
Dit webinar vindt plaats op woensdag 11 november om 14:00

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Aristide Ganci, PerkinElmer