Abbott Informatics announces the launch of STARLIMS QM 12.1

Abbott Informatics announces the launch of STARLIMS QM 12.1 Door: Abbott Informatics

Abbott Informatics is pleased to announce the STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing Solution QM12.1 release, which is built on the latest STARLIMS Technology Platform v12.0.  

The features included in STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing Solution QM12.1 are:

  • Enhancements to the Request Management Portal which includes multi-sample request for a material, sample meta data, and the ability to print sample labels
  • Enhancement to default lifecycles to allow un-cancelling a test with a configurable electronic signatures
  • Enhancements to sample group templates to enforce unique sample group template names
  • Enhancements to the Bypass ELN functionality, requesting a confirmation or a configurable electronic signature before the action takes place
  • Bug fixes
  • An automated verification kit provided alongside the software product.
Abbott Informatics is also pleased to announce the availability of the STARLIMS Automated Validation Framework and Testing Kit for use with STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing Solution QM 12.1

The time and resources required to validate a new LIMS, or even implement an upgrade is a barrier for many.  With a tool that automates the process of running test scripts, go-lives of new software implementation will be faster and the execution of regression tests for software upgrades will be simplified. In addition, with an automated tool, the likelihood of human error during manual execution of test scripts would be significantly reduced.