Scope and strategy


In terms of members, MinacNed’s scope has been defined by the value chain of suppliers of micro and nano equipment through research institutes, research firms, suppliers of components and systems to users of micro and nanotechnology in products and processes. In the future new specialisms can develop within this value chain, within the scope of MinacNed.

In terms of stakeholders, MinacNed’s scope extends to neighbouring industries within FHI, industrial electronics, industrial automation, laboratory technology and medical technology. In accordance with its ‘enabling technology’ nature, MinacNed is most related to the industrial electronics industry, with which a formal connection exists through the bureau of FHI, federation of technology branches.

In addition to the industries mentioned, the scope of MinacNed’s stakeholders in fact includes all companies and industries using technology in any way, shape or form, directly or indirectly. A number of these areas of application have been specified in the value chain.

Managers and financiers of research and development programmes are important stakeholders within MinacNed’s scope as well, as are all national and local government authorities, who to a significant extent determine and influence the environmental factors within which MinacNed and its members operate.


MinacNed’s strategy entails working along three lines:

Collective marketing and market development
by developing spearheads and specific clusters

Protection of interests
by combining internal strength and collaborating with related parties and umbrella organisations such as the FHI

Organisational development
to reinforce the association’s foundations for continued existence and to increase both the clout and the service to members. Regarding the more extensive industry service to member companies, MinacNed intends to join FHI in such a way that as many MinacNed members as possible are also a member of one of the FHI branches, thereby covering their need for such service. From this point of departure, MinacNed can always fall back on the FHI’s bureau system for specific service for members of a group of members.