MinacNed supports and reinforces their members by organizing the following activities:

  • Member meetings to build and strengthen networks
  • Workshops focussing on market development with specific groups of customers or potential customers of members / users of micro and nano technology
  •  The annual International MicroNanoConference in which, besides both objectives specified, we also strive for broad reinforcement of the image of the Micro Nano industry, nationally and internationally
  • International fact finding and match making missions to stimulate international business opportunities
  • Initiating and organising specific clusters within the association which need their own network and identity in the market, within the framework of MinacNed. Specific marketing activities can be set up for and with such clusters
  •  Initiating, encouraging and to a certain extent facilitating the formation of consortia between members and groups of members with other stakeholders, focussed on joint R&D and/or marketing