International MicroNanoConference 2019

December 10-11, SuperNova Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands

Where industry and science meet

The Dutch association for Microsystems and Nanotechnology MinacNed is the proud organizer of the international MicroNanoConference. This conference provides a platform where micro technologies can find a way into the macro world. MinacNed welcomes everybody to join!

The combination of disciplines makes the iMNC 2019 a special conference:
• where industry meets science,
• where problems can find solutions and
• where trends, challenges and new technologies are highlighted!

During the conference a wide range of technologies are presented. Technologies that are already applied or applicable in:

Health & Life science,
Agro & Food,
Sustainability & Energy,
and Manufacturing & Engineering.

Whether you work in science, in industry or in a SME, whether you are an end user or in any other way involved in microsystems & nanotechnology. Come join us in Utrecht, the Netherlands in December!

The conference brings together researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers to create a sustainable economic and social value to the society.

For more information about the conference and the technologies, please visit the website 
Do you have a specific question about the conference, please contact Sharon Tammer, project manager MinacNed.