International MicroNanoConference 2019

Welcome at the international MicroNanoConference 2019

Where industry meets science, where problems can find solutions and where trends, challenges and new technologies are highlighted.

On December 10 and 11, the international MicroNanoConference 2019 will take place at a new location: SuperNova Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands. This conference organized by MinacNed, focuses on Dutch and international businesses, universities and research centers and offers an opportunity to bring these areas together to stimulate: cooperation, knowledge and innovation.

The conference themes are in line with the social and economic challenges and missions determined by the Dutch government:

Health & Life science

Agro & Food

Sustainability & Energy

Manufacturing & Engineering

Consider challenges such as:

  1. How can nanotechnology contribute to increasing the efficiency of solar cells?
  2. How can nanotechnology improve battery technologies?
  3. How can nano / micro sensors contribute to food waste reduction?
  4. What is needed to make large-scale production of micro and nanodevices possible at the lowest possible costs?
  5. How can Organ-on-a-chip technology contribute to the development of personalized medicines?
  6. How can micro- and nanotechnology contribute to improvements in healthcare through better and faster analysis, or through better treatment processes?
  7. How can micro- / nanotechnology contribute to sustainability, and the need for (clean) energy, and clean water, a clean environment?
  8. How do you bring micro- and nano-based materials and devices from a few samples in a research lab to serial production in industry? Which design and manufacturing principles are needed for this?
  9. We can embed micro- and nano-based functions in large numbers and in many modern products and systems. What does that mean at system level? Are there disadvantages, for example due to sustainability and recycling?
  10. How do you successfully grow a crop with as little waste as possible and which sensors are needed for this?
  11. How can biosensors improve food safety?

Join our activities at the 2-day conference:

  • plenary sessions
  • 4 parallel sessions
  • challenges and polls
  • a start-up track
  • a trade show floor with a start-up corner: where prominent organizations present their products, technologies and services
  • a pitch podium for: exhibitors, young scientists and visitors
  • workshops
  • a social dinner with evening programme
  • poster- and start-up award
  • and as closure of the conference MinacNed’s 15th anniversary drink – ‘To the future and beyond’.

Participate as an exhibitor, a visitor or presenter during the international MicroNanoConference 2019! Visitor registration opens at the beginning of July. Click here for the programme.

For more information go to or contact Suad Farah, project manager MinacNed: