MicrofluidicsNL is a specifiek business cluster within MinacNed. The cluster focusses on companies applying microfluidics as a leading technology or key component of their business. By organizing several activities, the business cluster aims to strengthen economic activities based on microfluidica.

The business cluster MicrofluidicsNL has been founded the first of October, 2010. Fifteen high-tech companies took the initiative to set up the cluster within the Minacned association, with the mission to develop the market for microfluidics in the Netherlands. The activities of the cluster cover three areas:

  • Joint (inter)national markets
  • Stimulating microfluidica R&D projects in the Netherlands and participation of member in those projects
  • Protection of members’ interests towards stakeholders in the market, science and government

Definition microfluidica

Microfluidics deals with the behavior, control and manipulation of fluids or gases at sub-millimeter scale. This specialty has an excellent position in the Netherlands, given the amount of technical knowledge in this field. Besides inkjet, this technology promises to expand Dutch applications in medical diagnostics, drug-delivery systems, analytical instrumentation and process industry.

Specific activitities include:

  • Xs2Hitek (access to hightech) workshops to share knowledge and encourage cooperation, preferably organized at a (potential) user of the technology and directed at a particular (potential) application market
  • The periodic release and (inter)national distribution of the profile brochure ‘Hollands High Tech Entrepeneurship in Microtechnologies’, containing company profiles, activities and contact detailsof the members
  • Joint participation in major national and international fairs and conferences
  • Preparation of collective R&D projects