MinacNed member benefits

As MinacNed member you benefit from many advantages:

  • Great discounts on the participation in workshops, table-top stands sponsorships and visitor entrances for the iMNC. The benefit varies between €50,- for entrance and between €250 and €1500,- as a participant.
  • MinacNed keeps you informed of relevant new technological developments.
  • Access to a wide network of experts.
  • Free access or access at a reduced rate to the MinacNed events.
  • Meet new customers, high-tech experts and providers of technical solutions in the MinacNed network and network events.
  • Member meetings to build and strengthen networks. As a MinacNed member you have a say in prioritization, positions and activities of the MinacNed association.
  • International fact finding and match making missions to stimulate international business opportunities.
  • MinacNed is affiliated with FHI, federation of technology branches this cooperation provides us with extra services (next sheet will give you an overview)

Members of MinacNed provide of the FHI membership services

These services concern:

  • Legal support
  • HRM-support
  • Business support services
  • Model agreements, general term and conditions, supplier agreements
  • Workshops
  • Market information

For more information about the services of FHI please click here

Becoming a member

The membership fee of MinacNed will be proportionally charged for an organization that becomes member during the current year, on the condition that the organization is a member in the subsequent year as well. When the membership is prematurely ended, then the organization authorizes MinacNed to collect the remaining dues.

Member fee 2018

MinacNed membership Fee 2018
Number of employees (fte) excl. VAT
1 to 5 employee(s) € 660,-
6 to 9 employees € 1.315,-
10 – 25 employees € 1.575,-
> 25 employees € 1.840,-
* Start-up (exists < three years) first two years 50% reduced fee on membership.


Application form MinacNed membership

Download here the MinacNed application form. Please send the completed form to the MinacNed secretariat, attn. Sharon Tammer (project manager).

Visiting address:

Leusderend 12 (navigation Dodeweg 6B)

3832 RC Leusden

Telephone: 0031 (0)33 465 75 07



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