Becoming a Member

Becoming a member

The membership fee of MinacNed will be proportionally charged for an organization that becomes member during the current year, on the condition that the organization is a member in the subsequent year as well. When the membership is prematurely ended, then the organization authorizes MinacNed to collect the remaining dues.

Member fee 2019

MinacNed membership Fee 2019
Number of employees (fte) excl. VAT
1 to 5 employee(s) € 670,-
6 to 9 employees € 1.330,-
10 – 25 employees € 1.590,-
> 25 employees € 1.860,-
* Start-up (exists < three years) first two years 50% reduced fee on membership.


Application form MinacNed membership

Download here the MinacNed application form. Please send the completed form to the MinacNed secretariat, attn. Sharon Tammer (project manager).