New project manager MinacNed, meet Suad Farah

From August 1th,  I started working at MinacNed as the new project manager.
I’m 35 years old and I’m originally from Mogadishu (Somalia). Since ’92 I have mainly lived in a small village in Utrecht.

Because of my interest in finding answers to various issues I started the study Journalism. During my study I started working as a communication advisor for a development organization. During my study and work in the development field I became a member of various committees with focus on peace, health and education at diaspora and student organizations.

A focus point in all my work is that there is a social component to make the world a little better. Many topics appeal to me, but in recent years my focus has been on space exploration, and technology. That has been a reason for me to start the blog Pavlov Magazine.

My interest in technology started early in my youth. With shows like Star Trek my interest about space exploration was ignited. What is going on planet Earth, near planets such as Mars/Jupiter and in the universe? In particular, I write about space, tech and science because those topics surprise and intrigue me.

What I find interesting about MinacNed is that there are many similarities with my personal interests. Microsystems and nanotechnology are topics where a solution is constantly being sought.