FHI Services for MinacNed Members: Liability Insurance

Members of MinacNed can benefit from the services of the umbrella organization FHI, Federation of Technology Associations.
During 2017 we will highlight one of these services in each edition of the membership newsletter.

The first one is the Liability Insurance, offered by the assurance partner of FHI, HBR branche assurances.
Product Development and the application of technology in systems always brings risks in terms of liability issues for the technology provider. These risks are quite hard to cover with an insurance policy. This is where an association like FHI can make a difference in cooperation with a specialised insurance company, through a joint approach for all members.

A nice example of a member company that benefits from the joint liability inssurance of FHI is Xillox Medical. This company started a couple of years ago developing the technology for  3D printed scull implants. When working for a hospital or doctor, and something goes wrong with the patient, how do you make sure the damage claim doesn’t destroy your high-tech start-up company?

That’s were the FHI insurance service comes in…

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