MinacNed/FHI Networking event Basel and Basel Life Science Week

Already 160 participants for the Dutch/Swiss Microfluidics and Life Science Workshop at the Basel Life Science Week. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have one-on-one meetings with companies as Novartis, Roche and Janssen Pharmaceuticals and representatives of international research institutes from Switzerland, Germany, Iran, India and Japan.

September 21-23, 2016 MinacNed and FHI organize the fourth edition of the Xs2HiTek International Fact Finding and Match Making Mission. This year’s destination will be the Basel region, on the occasion of the Basel Life Science Week and a Dutch/Swiss Microfluidics & Life Science Workshop organized by MinacNed and CSEM.
We’re proud to announce that already 160attendees have registered for the workshop and registration is still open.
A few examples of companies that are participating are: Novartis, Roche, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Philip Morris, Mettler Toledo and GE Healthcare. Also international research institutes from Switzerland, Germany, Iran, India, Indonesia and Japan are represented. Click here for the programme of the workshop.

Programme Xs2HiTek Basel 2016, sept. 21-23

Sept. 21
Networking dinner in cooperation with CSEM and the Dutch Embassy with prof. Andreas Manz as a special guest
Sept. 22   Microfluidics & Life Science Workshop, side event of the Basel Life Science Week (organized by CSEM, MinacNed, BaselArea Network, Swiss Biotech Association and Toolpoint)
Sept 23


One-on-one match making sessions with companies / institutes in the Basel Region

Visit the online portal for the match making event


One-on-one match making to meet possible partners
The goal of the visit is to create the opportunity for FHI and MinacNed members working in the field of life science, laboratory technology and health to extend their network and meet possible partners.
On the third day, September 23rd, a match making event is organized supported by the BaselArea Network, the Enterprise European Network (EEN) and the Dutch Government (RVO). All attendees of the workshop and companies/institutes in the network of our partners are invited to join.
The online platform of EEN offers all participants the opportunity to share their own profile and a profile of possible partners to initiate one-on-one meetings. The Dutch companies will profit from extra exposure, as our visit is the reason for the match making event.

The participation fee for joining the visit to Basel is: 1000,- euro for FHI/MinacNed members and 1.300 euro for non-members. This includes two overnight stays in a hotel, local transportation during the programme in Switzerland, breakfast, lunch and one diner. The costs for transportation from The Netherlands to Switzerland are not included.

Click here for the registration form or contact Susanne van Boxtel: susanne@fhi.nl / +31(0)-33-465 75 07