Start-Up of the Year 2015: VSParticle uit Delft

At the highly successful international MicroNanoConference Amsterdam, VSParticle founder Aaike van Vugt was celebrated as ‘Start-Up of the Year’ 2015. A jury of eight entrepreneurship veterans and investors selected his proposition as the best one out of eleven nominees who presented a pitch at the conference.
“This is brilliant or scum” was one of the quotes from the jury. VSParticle brings to the market place a revolutionary new process for creating and producing conductive circuits. The process enables the production of clean nano particles as feedstock to write metal lines on almost any surface.  The technology will simplify the production of electronic circuits dramatically. The consumption of time and production of toxic waste involved in the process that is being utilised since the 1960’s will be over and the creation of new innovative products will develop as fast as the development of apps.


VSParticle was founded in October 2014 as a spin off from Delft University of Technology.

By winning the award, VSParticle gets entrance to the eco-system community of 800+ companies, research institutes and investors in and around FHI, the Federation of Technology Associations. A one year free membership  of MinacNed, the Association for Micro Nano Technology will open up new opportunities for the company .