SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT now – deadline 7th of June

The International MicroNanoConference has an established track record in bringing together the value chain of the different micro and nano fields of endeavour. The active involvement of the industry, science and user community of microsystems and nanotechnology is the hallmark of this conference and exhibition. Representatives from academia and industry – researchers, engineers, technology scouts and business developers – meet here annually and discuss the latest developments in these rapidly evolving fields.

In the iMNC2018 all themes will be discussed and will be included under the following hot topics:

Organ-on-a-chip, Microfluidics, Biosensing and Functional surfaces and interfaces

We encourage you to submit a contribution to be presented in one of the dedicates sessions on a specific technology/ application:

Microfluidics (lab-on-a-chip, micro analytical systems, bubbles & droplets, micro-reaction engineering and flow chemistry), Photonics (integrated optics, opto-fluidics), Materials (functional-& nanomaterials, thin films), Nanomedicine (drug delivery, drug targeting), Nanosensors, Characterization (optical instrumentation, materials analysis, characterization at the nanoscale), Manufacturing (3D printing, laser manufacturing, nanofabrication), Other.

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We look forward to receiving your input!

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