11 April – Workshop Micro Systems & Smart Devices together with Philips

Micro Systems & Smart Devices

Workshops on Design, Fabrication
& Upscaling in the Micro Assembly Domain

  • Tuesday April 11th, 12.00 – 18.00 hrs
  • Philips Innovation Services, Greenhouse Europe
  • Kastanjelaan 400, Microlab Eindhoven




12.00: Registration and standing lunch

13.00: KEYNOTE

Trends in Micro Systems Technology on the Research Level,
in Fabrication and Application

Micro Systems Technology (MST) aims on the miniaturization of engineering systems
to accommodate design specifications of small space, light-weight and enhanced
portability and function. Traditionally, the efficiency in MST processes is due to the
definition of patterns in a masking layer and the subsequent parallel transfer (batch
fabrication) of these accurate patterns into a functional material using lithographic
techniques. However, MST discovers many new materials and is reshaped by
prototyping methods instead of focusing on high-volume production. Hence, we will
review the recent Trends in Micro Systems Technology on the Research Level, in
Fabrication and in Applications.

Regina Luttge, TU Eindhoven


13.30: Micro-Assembly Process Development and Production,
an Introduction to the Philips innovation Services’ Greenhouse Facility

Philips Innovation Services’ Greenhouse facility is a low to medium volume production
location for micro-assembly technology and high-end PCB assembly. Building on over
30 years of experience within Philips we provide prototyping, process development and
volume production services to our customers.

Thomas de Boer, Philips Innovation Services


14.00: Guided Tour through the PINS Plant, Live View on Opportunities

15.00: BREAK




A – Applications in Smart Devices Medical & Automotive B – Integrated Photonics in the Micro System Arena C – Technological Issues in the Value Chain








Noviomini, wearable ultrasound for health care applications

Peter van Stiphout,

The Integrated Photonics Revolution, The Roadmap Towards Smart Devices


Rui Santos, Smart Photonics

Micro Assembly Demands Sophisticated Architectural Approaches


Paul Dijkstra
Philips Innovation Services










InForMed, an Integrated Pilot Line for Micro-Fabricated Medical Devices

Sieger Swaving

Mart Graef, TU Delft



The Integrated Photonics Revolution,

The Up scaling Challenge in the Micro Assembly Application Arena


Douwe Geuzebroek,
LioniX International

SubMicron Bonding Technology

Ralph Schachler, Finetech

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Micro Assembly for the Automotive Market, How to Execute?


Daniel Mitcan
Neways Micro Electronics


On-Chip Alignment of Flexible Optical Waveguide Structures


Marcel Tichem, TU Delft


The Connectivity Issue in Design & Manufacturing of Smart Microsystems


Mark Maas,
TE Connectivity




16.30: BREAK




Volume Production of Microsystems for Headsets and Wearables
Menno Kooistra
STT Products


Battery Free Devices, Today and in the Future
How Microsystems Help Other Microsystems to be Energy Harvesting

Nima Tolou, Delft University of Technology



Participation fee for non-members is € 95,- excl. VAT – € 114,90 incl. 21% VAT
Participation is free of charge for those who receive a personal invitation from one of the participating organisations: MinacNed/FHI, Philips Innovation Services, HighTechNL or one of the speakers.




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This workshop is made possible with support of the topsector HTSM