Workshops: “NanoNextSteps in The Netherlands” For Enablers and users of Nano- and Microtechnology

Nano- and microtechnology are key enabling technologies, since they are considered to provide new solutions for various problems the global community is faced with. If you are using or enabling nano- and microtechnology by research and development or consider to use it for your products and services, then the “NanoNextSteps” workshops are relevant for you. The main objective of the workshops are:

• Explain the generic goals and envisaged governance of the national “NanoNextSteps” initiative
• Identify and update key topical clusters, their activities and (funding) needs and possibilities
• Identify and update core teams with leading public-private partners for each cluaster

You can join 2 partly identical workshops during the conference with a complementary topical focus:

Workshop 1 (12 December, 14.00 – 15.00)
: Organ on Chip and Bio-Nano Devices
Workshop 2 (13 December, 13.30 – 14.30) : 3D NanoManufacturing and Nanomaterials for Energy Storage

If you want to join us in taking the NanoNextStep, please register for one of the workshops.
The workshops are part of the International MicroNanoConference. If you also want to visit the conference, additional registration is needed.


In the last 15 years substantial investments in nano- and microtechnology have been made in the Netherlands, made possible by government funding and contributions of public and private partners, collaborating in national innovation programs such as NanoNed, MicroNed, NanoLabNL and NanoNextNL. In parallel the association MinacNed has been established, facilitating the growth possibilities of companies with business (development) activities in existing and emerging nano-/microtechnology markets.

In the last year several stakeholders have taken joint initiatives to identify the possibilities and focus areas providing options for continuation of public-private collaboration and innovation on a national scale. These action have resulted in the “NanoNextSteps” initiative of NanoNextNL together with MinacNed and the University of Twente. NanoNextSteps aims to maintain and bring together the national organizational power to provide and ensure access to existing and upcoming funding possibilities for joint R&D and product development by public-private partnerships.
The University of Twente has responded positive on the request to provide an operational and legal home base for the NanoNextSteps initiative. The network of the NanoNextNL and MinacNed forman the starting point for the NanoNextSteps community. The R&D track record of the NanoNextNL program and the industrial application and SME focus of MinacNed are regarded as an essential basis to continue and expand supporting activities in the field of business development, education, communication, ecosystem development and risk analysis/technology assessment.

So far focus areas such as Organ on Chip and Bio-Nano Devices – enabled by microfluidic technology – and 3D NanoManufacturing as well as Nanomaterials for Energy Storage have been identified as possible cornerstones for the NanoNextSteps initiative. This in view of the positive track record for public-private collaboration and the expectation that leading science and business positions are considered possible on an international scale. Other known options, such as Food Body Interaction and Green ICT may be added or integrated in the above, or started in a later stage.

You have the opportunity to further shape the future of nano- and microtechnology in The Netherlands by contributing to NanoNextSteps initiative, starting with participation in one of to the workshops organized during the International Micro Nano Technology Conference. Further background information on the goals, intended activities, scientific/commercial basis and governance structure of the NanoNextSteps initiative will be provided and the floor is open for ideas and discussions on how the initiative can be brought into practice.