3Dutch B.V.

Triple Dutch is a Netherlands based contract manufacturing services company. We provide our customers with expertise and services in the field of manufacturing, sourcing and supply chain management. It is our goal to deliver turnkey solutions for our customers, being the Netherlands base single point of contact and ensuring smooth and cost-effective manufacturing and delivery of products. Our clear and open communication is the key to our success.  We work closely together with our sister company Zign Innovations. Zign is a specialist in product development, electronics engineering and embedded software development. Together with Zign we can provide various services, from design analysis and CE scan to complete development projects of your new product.

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3Dutch B.V.
Marconibaan 57
3439 MR Nieuwegein

Tel: +31852736753

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Electronics & Applications

Dé vakbeurs voor industriële elektronica in de Benelux

Electronics & Applications is dé beurs voor industriële elektronica in de Benelux. Op deze beurs kunt u de gehele keten ontmoeten, van componenten tot productie en van design services tot vormgeving. Daarmee is E&A de ontmoetingsplek voor engineers, ontwerpers, ontwikkelaars en niet-techneuten die op zoek zijn naar oplossingen. E&A zal niet in fysieke vorm plaatsvinden in 2021.

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