Agilent Technologies

Agilent is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. The company provides laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications and expertise, enabling customers to gain the insights they seek. Agilent's expertise and trusted collaboration give them the highest confidence in our solutions. Agilent focuses its expertise on six key markets, which are food, Environmental and Forensics, Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Chemical and Energy, and Research.

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Laan van langerhuize 1
1186DS Amstelveen

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Het doel van het event LabAutomation is kennisuitwisseling rondom automatiserings-, robotiserings- en softwareoplossingen binnen laboratoria. Dit gebeurt  met de vooraanstaande leveranciers, aanbieders van robotiserings-, automatiserings- en softwareoplossingen én in het conferentieprogramma.

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