Techmation b.v.

Techmation b.v. provides Instruments for Process Analytical Technology for Industrial Automation in Process industries as Biochem, Food, Petrochem, Pharma, Semiconductors. Our aim is to provide Innovative Solutions for industrial process measurements by commercializing state-of-the-art Scientific Instruments.

We supply Analysing Measuring Instruments as Process Refractometers, In-Process Brix-meters; Process Photometers for UV, Color, NIR; Turbidity; Suspended Soilids, In-Process Flow Cells / Fiber-Optic Probes; Density Meters, IMS-Analyzers for Ultra Low Level Gas Detection, IMS-Analyzers for Continuous Process Gas Analyzers.

We have specific application knowledge and provide application engineering, as well as sales, delivery, commissioning, training and service engineering. Within our company there is a long time expertise to combine advanced measurement technologies with process know-how.

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