Wika Benelux

WIKA Benelux, established in 1978, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG, Germany, a global market leader in pressure-, temperature-, level-, flow- and calibration technology.

Before 1978, WIKA traded directly in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg through various distribution channels.


During the mid 70’s of the previous century, it was a major chemical company that required a local stock and a local workshop. For that reason, WIKA founded a local sales subsidiary with workshop and warehouse nearby the customer's premises.

Initially, WIKA Benelux was located in St. Odilienberg, a town in the north of the province Limburg. After some years, the company moved to Echt - a town in the middle of Limburg - which is the company's location until this present day.

Geographically, the company is now located close to the main roads, rivers and airports in the region. This makes all logistics quite convenient.

Furthermore, WIKA Benelux is the closest subsidiary to the German headquarters.

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