Dgtronik sp z oo

Your supplier of complex solutions in the field of electronics assembly.

Flexibility during production, focus on close contact with a business partner, mutual efforts to find solutions and costs - these are our principles.

DGTronik specialization includes assembly and testing of highly specialized electronics with a high degree of SMT components and large number of THT and mechanical components. A favorable price-performance ratio is most visible in production or complex boards and higher volumes. We have years of experience in assembly or SMT components of size 0201 and micro BGA. Highly qualified staff, since 1991, are the main driving force of our company. Thanks to their efforts, we offer quality assembly that meets requirements or IPC-610 workmanship standard . The certificate ISO 9001: 2015   proves that we are a reliable and quality-oriented partner. 


Our services include assembly of electronic components in SMT technology superficial assembly and THT assembly as well as domestic and foreign OEM manufacturers. We have experience in the production of electronic devices for customers in the following sectors: telecommunications, industrial control engineering, electronic devices for railways, energetics, navigation, general-purpose devices, automotive and other ... In addition to assembly of electronics components the design of electronic devices and PCBs, prototyping, testing of electronic products and supplies of electronic components and PCB boards.

The greatest value of our company consists of people. Some of our employees have been with us since 1991 when we as the company DGT started with the assembly of equipment for telecommunication. Our employees have the necessary knowledge, experience and continue to raise their qualifications.

DGT Sp. z oo - parent company


DGT operates mainly in the sector of innovative technologies related to telecommunications and informatics. We provide modern solutions in the field of telecommunication systems and work together with Ministry of Defense and Border Police. In addition, DGT active in industry and energetics. In addition to the introduction of new systems, DGT has an extensive design research workshop. More details can be found on the page www.dgt.com.pl.

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