De baanbrekende Encapt™ technologie in combinatie met de AirTight technologie maken onze Tetra Pak® machines tot de meest energie-efficiënte separatoren op de markt.

We are introducing Tetra Pak® Separators with Encapt™ technology, available for our high capacity separators. Combining the groundbreaking innovation of Encapt™ with our established AirTight technology means these high-capacity separators for dairy producers are the most energy efficient on the market by an extraordinary 40%. Further benefits include overall superior performance, excellent operational flexibility, a gentle treatment of the product, and robust design that results in an exceptional operational lifetime.


Tetra Pak® Separators with AirTight technology are already the most competitive separators on the market with regards to energy consumption. Adding Encapt™ technology enables even further energy savings. Encapt™ technology lowers the energy consumption of the Tetra Pak Separator by approximately 7-9 kW. For a hot-milk-skimming process at 55,000 l/h this equals an additional savings of 25%.

The use of Encapt™ technology enables lower operational cost & lower environmental impact.

Working principle

Air friction around the separator bowl is one of the most energy-intensive parameters for a separator. By creating low pressure around the bowl, air friction is reduced and energy consumption considerably lowered.

The low pressure around the bowl is created and secured by three key factors:

  1. Two pumps placed on a frame next to the separator (a low pressure pump and discharge pump)
  2. A water lock below the bowl that works as a seal
  3. Hermetically sealed outlet at the top of the separator

With the discharge pump installed on the submodule, no additional pump is required to convey sludge further downstream.

Key customer benefits


The numbers don’t lie – AirTight Encapt™ technologies can save up to 40% in energy consumption compared to the competition. This is a huge margin. The “competition” simply cannot compete.


Saving energy does not equal compromising quality or performance. In fact, our separators maintain superior performance, resulting in better product quality with the highest cream fat content and the lowest fat in skim milk. Our unique AirTight technology mean more efficient skimming due to the gentle treatment of the product by the absence of air.


Customers further benefit from the options of running their separator at different capacities to serve a wide range of recipes, further lowering energy consumption. Automatic adaptability for variable flow rates saves time and provides unmatched flexibility for customers in need of continuous product availability, such as whey from cheese processes.


Tetra Pak® Separators boast a robust build that enables unparalleled longevity – an operational lifetime up to twice that of the competition. The bowl is constructed of a superior corrosive-resistant material which is more durable than what is used by competitors.













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