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CHRONECT Your Lab is the ultimate connection between manual sample preparation and analysis. Where sample prep and analysis become one. Unattended 24/7 operation producing robust and reliable results with a high sample through-put is our ultimate goal to achieve. Even when you are not working in a QC environment or even performing analytical analysis.

Over 39 years, Axel Semrau developed itself from a German company to an international player in independent chromatography and mass spectrometry solutions. That is, if it is given to us, to let the customer choose. What we find important that all our solutions run after installation. It should be fun when our CHRONECT Workstation is installed in your lab. So we take the total responsibility from begin to end. From Pre-Installation inspection via a Factory Acceptance Test and Site Acceptance Test, Training, Service and Maintenance throughout Europe. With partners we cover a big part of the world Turkey, Russia, USA, Latin America and Asia Pacific. Even in Down-Under we can support our CHRONECT Workstations.

Application Chemists transformate manual sample prep. protocols, according to European and/or ISO Norms, into fully automated sample prep. methods and challenge themselves to optimize this in the shortest possible time.

New hardware tools are created when this is needed to achieve a more robust solution and significantly improve sample to report time.

 CHRONECT your Lab - where sample prep and analysis become one.

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