BioTRADING Benelux B.V.

bioTRADING Benelux B.V. was founded in April 1979 and has manufactured 'custom-made' Ready Prepared Culture Media and Animal Blood Products to the highest possible standard ever since.

With over 35 years of production experience, we serve the clinical-, pharmaceutical-, biotechnology-, cosmetic-, water-,  veterinarian-, food- and environmental microbiology testing- laboratories.
Our head office and purpose built manufacturing facility is situated in Mijdrecht The Netherlands. Our Belgium sales office is located in Keerbergen.

Product range

Additional to our own products, Ready Prepared Culture Media & Animal Blood Products, we also distribute products for many other companies.

We supply a wide range of diagnostic products, like...

* Antisera
* Biological Indicators
* Dehydrated Media & Supplements
* Environmental Management Software
* Food Proficiency Programs
* Identification & confirmation tests
* Lab disposables
* Multiplex PCR
* Ready Prepared Culture Media
* Reference strains
* Susceptibility tests

ISO 17025:2005 Accreditation

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