Comate Engineering & Design

Comate Engineering & Design

Giving ideas the best chance to succeed. 

Comate connects engineering and design. Technical expertise and quality, with an eye for detail and design. With our dynamic team of engineering and designers, we develop novel products and machinery with our clients. We pay attention to their corporate identity and the user experience, and our technical expertise assures performance, durability and quality. Comate makes the difference by providing an all-encompassing service and follow-up: from the initial sketch up until the first production.



A few of our projects: 


FOx Biosystems: A partnership between Unitron, KU Leuven and Comate to turn top-class research to a performant market-ready product

The Gripper: A medical device that enabled an innovative technique to make a breakthrough and change the lives of patients all over the world.  

The Kobi: A fully autonomous gardener robot that is a huge success in the American market

More projects can be found here


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