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The medium sized family-run enterprise erfi has been operating on the market with innovative
and highly complex laboratory and working place systems for more than 60 years. erfi specializes
in the design, development and production of technical working place systems, measuring and
testing devices, testing equipment for electrical safety and function as well as modern teaching
aids for all electrical professions.With the all-aluminum working place system elneos connect erfi sets new standards in versatility,
user-friendliness and design. The new control center elneos five with his one-piece glass front,
the 7-inch multi-touch display as well as the intelligent connection box represents a further novelty
in the world of laboratory.
erfi Ernst Fischer GmbH + Co. KG - Alte Poststr. 8 - 72250 Freudenstadt
Telefon: 07441 - 9144-0 - Fax: 07441 - 9144-477 - Email: - Ihr Weg zu erfiContact NL: R. Schoenmaker   Mobile: +31 (0)6 20092918


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