Measure, analyze and act for a better world

We enable customers to find answers, remove doubt and make smarter decisions.

As our world faces pressing societal and environmental challenges, it’s more important than ever to base decisions on accurate, reliable data.  

Our weather, environmental, and industrial measurement products and services provide our customers with the means to enhance safety, efficiency, and decision making – making an impact on the lives of millions of people all around the world.   

Curiosity, the desire to meet challenges and an extraordinary ability to innovate are Vaisala's core, both past and present. In line with our mission Observations for a better world, we continue our work to help find answers and take action for a sustainable future. 

Vaisala’s Industrial Measurements business area provides customers with visibility into their own processes. Our products provide them with accurate and reliable measurement data which enables them to make decisions for optimized industrial processes.

With the reliable data from our instruments, customers can increase process efficiency, product quality, productivity, and yield but decrease energy consumption, waste, and emissions. Our monitoring systems also help our customers operating in the regulated environments to fulfill their regulatory compliance.

Industrial Measurements' customers operate in different types of environments from semiconductor factories and high-rise buildings to power plants and health technology laboratories where reliable measuring and monitoring of the ambient conditions are a prerequisite for successful operations. 

Vaisala’s measurement products and systems are used to measure and monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, dew point, pressure, carbon dioxide, hydrogen peroxide vapor, methane, moisture in oil, dissolved gases in transformer oil and the dissolved solids in liquids.

Our Life Cycle Services provide comprehensive care through the life cycle of our measurement instruments. As a trusted partner to our global customers, we enable sustainable decisions by maintaining the most accurate measurement data throughout the entire product and system life cycle.


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