Introduction to HRP UWB for Security and distance application

“Ultra-wideband communication is emerging again. This time it seeks to add a missing dimension in the IOT industry, namely localization. Knowing the location of an object or a person opens for possibilities of a wide variety of new applications, some of which could be; Patient tracking in hospitals, tracking of assets in a warehouse, indoor navigation in a large buildings, security access for offices, and in general application where the location could add the missing dimension of current IOT technologies.

Application will benefit both industrial applications, but certainly also consumers will have a quality of life improvement when all access, securities and navigation in indoor locations will be seamless.
In the seminar an introduction will be given to the IEEE standard behind the new High Rate Pulse (HRP) UWB and how frames are configured. Also introductions to how the UWB application can achieve centimeter level measurement accuracies and why the newest UWB application have a high level of security based on encryption.
Lastly some input on how to test a UWB product in production will be given, and which performance parameters are important to measure and verify”

Mathias Laursen, LitePoint on behalf of CN Rood

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