Homogenizer or high-pressure pump for liquid food applications with medium capacities

Tetra Pak has launched the new Tetra Pak® Homogenizer 250, which serves medium-sized dairies and has the unique advantage of built-in automation, which means that the need for manual operation (or even operator competence) can be minimized. It offers efficient homogenization of both low and high acid products including pasteurized milk, ESL milk, beverages and more.


Our Tetra Pak® Homogenizer 250 handles high-pressure homogenization of emulsions and suspensions. It is ideal for both high and low viscous as well as aseptic and non-aseptic products including pasteurized milk, UHT milk, cream, yoghurt, condensed milk, ice cream mix, fruit juices, RNGS (rice, nut, grain or soy) beverages, concentrates, purées, tomato products, dressings, ketchups, liquid egg, mayonnaise, sauces and gravies. It is also available as a high-pressure pump – ideal for feeding a spray dryer when producing powder for example.

Working principle

​First, the product enters the machine through the inlet pipe. The pistons pressurize the product and the high pressure pushes the product through the small annular gap of the homogenizing device. Then the pressure is released at high velocity, generating extreme turbulence and cavitation. This reduces the size of the liquid droplets and solid particles in the product. Finally, the product exits through the outlet pipe.

Modular design

The modular design of the homogenizer means that you can quickly replace a module such as the cooling unit or hydraulic unit, and resume production. Any maintenance or investigation can be conducted away from the machine.





The first homogenizer to check its own pulse

Automatic process and recipe control are welcome features but with the Tetra Pak Homogenizer 250, we have gone one step further in automation. Its smart automation system gives you the option of receiving warnings and conclusions based on what we have learned from Tetra Pak’s 7,000 existing homogenizer installations.









  • Lowest operational costs – lowest utility costs, service time & spare parts cost in medium segment
  • Highest homogenizer uptime in the medium segment
  • Secure consistent high product quality
  • Handle a wide range of applications and easily change recipes at the push of a button

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