Maak kennis met de toekomst van ijs: Het nieuwe extrusion wheel creëert top-verwennerij in trend-producten. Een intelligente oplossing om ijsproducten te verrijken met stukken koekjesdeeg, aardbeien, noten, chocoladevlokken & meer – en dit perfect verdeeld over het product zonder verspilling.

Tetra Pak has launched a new Extrusion Wheel that produces premium ice cream stick products with large sized inclusions, such as nuts, fruit pieces or cookie dough chunks at highest capacity and lowest cost.

Running at high capacity for products with large inclusions, the new Tetra Pak® Extrusion Wheel produces up to 200 products per minute, which equates to 12,000 products per lane per hour. The high capacity and low cost per product are made possible thanks to a new patented wheel design, a new patented stick placement solution and a unique continuous process. The innovative new solution means producers no longer need to compromise on speed and cost to make these in-demand products.

In addition, operators no longer need to handle the costly and complex external cooling systems based on nitrogen, utilized in existing benchmark solutions – where too much free water can freeze up and stop production. The Tetra Pak® Extrusion Wheel, on the other hand, is simply and easily mounted on the worktables of existing extrusion lines. And electricity is the only utility required.

The new patented wheel design with a cavity system and pistons, shapes products in moulds to secure even distribution of large inclusions and ensure a smooth product surface every time. This improves upon existing solutions where cutting risks damaging large inclusions and disturbing the smooth product surface.

The new patented stick placement solution ensures correct placement and secure quality every time. Instead of inserting the sticks in the ice cream, it first places the sticks – and then ice cream is filled around them. This prevents the risk of displacing of sticks and/or chunks with an uneven surface and unmet quality standards as a result.

The unique continuous wheel movement never slows down and never stops and starts, unlike the indexing utilized in all other solutions on the market. In addition, wheel movement is completely synchronized with the tray movement and velocity. Together, these features secure the accurate placement of every product on the tray, every time in a continuous and smooth movement – even at very high speeds.

The above smart features combine to make it possible to run faster – and to reduce the cost and waste that comes from products that don’t meet quality standards or are incorrectly placed. Producers cut labour costs as well since precise product placement eliminates the need for monitoring and product adjustment by skilled operators. In fact, the new Tetra Pak® Extrusion Wheel secures a 98%-line yield thanks to accurate product placement on trays. That means a maximum level of 2% waste due to misalignment of product on trays, compared to an 8% loss with existing benchmark solutions on the market.

The new extrusion wheel solves the problem of precise placement of ice cream products on the stainless-steel trays of the extrusion line, since the wheel can be positioned very near to the tray, the products are not dropped, but rather laid gently onto the tray. This leads to a high yield on the line.

A traditional solution for producing stick products with large inclusions is based on liquid nitrogen-cooled moulds that reach down to -60°C. The new extrusion wheel design doesn’t need liquid nitrogen cooling and cutting, due to a continuous piston movement that pushes the ice cream from the cavity. This makes the process less complex and reduces risk of stop on the line. Also it significantly reduces production costs as no expensive nitrogen cooling solution is required.

When introducing large inclusions into extruded ice cream, securing the even distribution of the tasty chunks, a smooth product surface and a precisely placed stick every time is challenging. The traditional technology uses vertical extrusion and wire cutting, which is not optimal for ice cream with large inclusions. Furthermore, when it comes to stick products, existing stick insertion solutions risk incorrect placement, further surface disturbance and even stick splintering.

Simple and safe solution for operators and environment 

  • Easy and safe to operate
  • No nitrogen cooling system
  • Easy to install – plug-and-play on extrusion worktable
  • Electricity is only utility required
  • Controlled from main extrusion line operator panel










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