De Tetra Pak® High Shear Mixer R370-1000D is de eerste in een reeks nieuwe high shear recirculatie mixers. Het innovatieve mixing-concept resulteert in een enorme flexibiliteit, betere ontluchting van het product en een opmerkelijke kostefficiëntie. Kortom, een ”future-proof”, competitieve oplossing.

A patented new solution is revolutionizing the mixing process for huge potential improvements in cost savings and product quality. The innovative new design moves the mixing head and high viscosity pumping device outside of the traditional mixing tank – and it replaces the mixing tank with a dedicated deaeration unit.

Mixing is often the first in a long line of processes and it greatly influences product quality and production costs in food production. If not done properly, unwanted air in your product and inefficient mixing negatively influences your downstream processing. It increases your costs, shortens shelf-life and compromises food safety and quality.

To solve some of your key issues and meet your needs, our new generation high shear mixer is designed with both the mixing head and the high viscosity pumping device placed separately outside of the traditional mixing tank. Each of these devices have been optimized to obtain the highest mixing and pumping efficiency. In addition, we have replaced the traditional mixing tank with a dedicated deaeration unit. We’ve also designed all of these components to be independently controlled to give you the greatest possible flexibility and control over your mixing process. This in turn enables you to achieve superior emulsification, powder dissolving and deaeration performance and run high viscous products in a continuous or recirculation setup.

New mixing head delivers consistent high quality

  • 15 hits in a single pass
  • Creates a finer, more stable emulsion – small droplet size prevents separation and sedimentation
  • Achieves smaller droplet size and narrow particle size range
  • Only solution in industry that achieves down to 1 micron droplet size
  • Enables you to increase mixing speed without affecting pump energy consumption

Mixing head with patented balanced rotor/stator system

  • Three or five rotor/stator stages to meet your specific emulsion/homogenization needs
  • Hydrodynamically balanced rotor allows operation at very high speeds and with very narrow tolerances – up to 100,000 s-1 shear
  • Adjustable shear and variable speed – from high shear to no shear for sensitive ingredients

Patented vibrating powder hopper

Significantly reduce air introduced with powder

The new patented powder hopper vibrates and compacts powder ingredients to remove air. The suspension and spring inside the hopper prevents formation of rat holes – a severe source of air incorporation. The patent-pending switch injector lets you add powder without vacuum for flexible placement. Double switch inlet for minor ingredients enables complex recipes and separation of allergens, etc.

Main components

  1. Liquid inlet
  2. Vacuum deaerator
  3. Product flow cone
  4. Removable sprayballs
  5. Circulation with twin-screw pump
  6. Patented vibrating powder hopper
  7. Patent pending switch injector
  8. Patent pending mixing head
  9. Product outlet










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