Tetra Pak® Tubular Heat Exchangers zijn nu beschikbaar met product-to-product (P2P) technologie. Dit is de meest efficiënte manier van warmte-uitwisseling, toepasbaar voor pasteurisatie en UHT-behandeling van allerlei melkproducten en dranken. Dankzij nieuwe lastechnieken is het ontwerp bovendien ultra-hygiënisch en 3-A-goedgekeurd.

Explore the power of P2P

Tetra Pak® Tubular Heat Exchanger P2P uses unique technology to save energy and raise the bar in food safety – all at a lower investment cost. An innovative crevice-free weld and patented spring box eliminate potential sanitary blind spots to provide total peace of mind on hygiene. The spring box also facilitates completely free product flow for optimum processing versatility and a great user experience.

 A 3-A approved, innovative, cost-cutting product-to-product heat exchanger

A 3-A approved, ultra-hygienic tube heat exchanger with product-to-product (P2P) technology that can more than halve your energy or investment costs compared to product-to-water alternatives. P2P technology offers major energy-saving potential. Key features, including a smart crevice-free weld and innovative spring box, offer unsurpassed hygiene.


  • Greatly reduced energy consumption
  • Ultra-hygienic 3-A-approved design with unique welding technique
  • Takes up less floor space
  • Enhanced operational flexibility
  • Innovative spring box for free product flow
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Reduced investment cost


Tetra Pak® Tubular Heat Exchangers are used to heat and cool products during processing.

This P2P version uses product-to-product technology. This is the most efficient form of heat transfer and is commonly used for pasteurization and UHT treatment of a wide range of food products, including multiple milk products such as white milk, flavoured milk, soy beverages, beverages with fibres, and coffee and tea drinks.

Working principle

The Tetra Pak® Tubular Heat Exchanger with P2P technology comes in two models: the CMR and CMRF. Both offer unique opportunities to save energy. Processed product flows through an assembly of parallel tubes, and unprocessed product flows between and around these tubes. The tubes are normally corrugated to increase turbulence and heat transfer efficiency. For special applications, some smooth tubes may be used.


Floating protection system

The Tetra Pak® Tubular Heat Exchanger with P2P technology is equipped with a floating protection system that absorbs thermal pressure to prevent tubes from cracking due to thermal expansion and eradicating any potential cross-contamination caused by material fatigue or cracks. Because the unit is not welded shut, the inner tubes are easy to inspect – a major advantage when product flows on the shell side.

New welding technique

Tetra Pak has developed a new smart technology featuring a crevice-eliminating weld. This makes the unit fully hygienic and suitable for P2P applications. Instead of welding the heat exchanger tubes from outside, we weld inside them, using protective gas. This smart technique removes any hypothetical risk of spores or bacteria lodging between the tube case and outer tube. For that reason, our tube heat exchanger is fully certified by the international 3-A sanitary standard.

Patented spring box

For products containing fibres or fines – and for customers that want to avoid fixed internal tube dividers – an optional spring box keeps the tubes apart without baffles or fixed dividers. Unlike traditional internal tube dividers, the spring box is an encased external spring that enables free product flow and avoids potential hygiene blind spots.

Unique flexibility

Tetra Pak Tubular Heat Exchanger with P2P technology is highly adaptable and flexible. An ultra-compact, modular design also makes it supremely versatile in offering different tube combinations. You can even connect it to product-to-water (P2W) heat exchangers in the same frame. The unit supports an extensive range of product combinations, including foods and beverages with and without particles. Typical applications include milk and other dairy products, beverages and juices with or without fibres, and temperature-sensitive products such as soy-based (when combined with P2W tube inserts).

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