We work with a number of media partners for WoTS 2024. With editorial attention, advertisements, banners and advertorials, the fair, exhibition projects and seminars are brought to the attention of a wide audience. If you are interested in a collaboration with these media partners, you can contact the media partner below.

List of media partners

World of Laboratory

Magazine Publisher Contact person
LABinsights maXus Media Erik ten Haaf
Laboratorium.nl Visionatline B.V. Henry Dijkman
LabVision Stichting LabVision Michiel Godschalk

World of Electronics

Magazine Publisher Contact person
E-Totaal NHU media Martin de Boer

World of Industry

Magazine Publisher Contact person
Industrial Automation Louwers Mediagroep Mike van Bloppoel
IndustrieVandaag Advercom Erik de Jong
IndustrieKalender Advercom Erik de Jong
Motion Control PM Group Marigona Sejdiu
Food Process PM Group Marigona Sejdiu
Process Control Acquimedia Sander van Kalkeren
Fluids Processing Proces Media Erik ten Haaf
Solids Processing Proces Media Erik ten Haaf
Maintenance Benelux Proces Media Erik ten Haaf

Official floor plan
E-Total provides the official floor plan. Exhibitors also have the option to advertise on the printed version of the floor plan.