Maak kennis met Industry 4.0 via Tetra Pak® Digital Services. We zetten de nieuwste digitale tools en innovaties in om onze klanten op maat gemaakte service-oplossingen te bieden. Hierbij focussen we op preventie, optimalisatie en voedselveiligheid gedurende het hele proces.

See how Tetra Pak uses cutting-edge digital tools and innovations like connected machines, data analytics, mobility apps, virtual training, remote support etc. – to bring value to the customer.

To us, service isn’t just about fixing something that’s broken. It’s about preventing breakdown and protecting investments. Tetra Pak® Services cover every aspect of your food production, from daily routines to business insights. Our tailored service solutions improve performance, optimise costs and ensure food safety throughout the lifecycle of your operation.

Tetra Pak offers its customers a large portfolio of services. One such service is the predictive maintenance of systems. In equipment you have all sorts of sensors: vibration sensors, temperature sensors, torque sensors, etc. which provide information that you can use. Around 600 signals from a typical production line are collected via the cloud and sent to a data center, where algorithms are used to undertake analysis and calculate the remaining lifetime of equipment. This is what we call Predictive Maintenance.

Being a global organisation, Tetra Pak is also exploring technological innovations to connect its experts with client locations. Augmented reality, with the Microsoft Hololens, is one of the areas that the business is turning to. We can now use the HoloLens technology to connect an expert in a technical center to any place in the world via Skype or a similar application. “That makes the expert… virtually present on the factory floor within minutes”[1].

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[1]; Anmar Frangoul; Published 2:28 AM ET Wed, 25 July 2018; Updated 2:40 AM ET Wed, 25 July 2018

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