Warning for exhibitors

FHI regularly receives complaints from exhibitors in response to letters and emails they receive from publishers, from trade fair catalogs, providers of visitor databases and hotel bookers.

It concerns the following companies:

  • Mails from the domains: tradeshowads.com and rethinks.tech
  • Mails from VitalShows (.com);
  • The Austrian company Construct Data (Fair Guide);
  • Expo Guide from Mexico with an address in France;
  • E-selltrade (visitor database provider)
  • Avron from Slovenia;
  • Event Fair from Slovakia;
  • Fetching Lead
  • International Fairs Directory / Mulpor Company;
  • Integra Eco Kft. from Hungary (Budapest)
  • Knoviqevents (visitor database provider)
  • argetb2bleads (visitor database provider)
  • FairExpo
  • Stardata CRM leads (visitor database provider)
  • WIPOT (trade mark protection)

Companies often write to exhibitors in English with an offer to purchase visitor data from the WoTS. These are companies that are not related to WoTS and / or FHI. We strongly advise you to ignore and delete these emails.

Other common emails are offers and / or bills for listing in (online) guides and exhibition catalogs or for booking hotel rooms. In addition, the World Business Guide company asks companies to provide their data for what appears to be a free advertising placement. Stardate CRM Leads offers a visitor database.

For the sake of completeness, we inform you that there is no cooperation or connection between FHI and Construct Data (Fair Guide), Expo Guide, Avron, Event Fair, World Business Guide of EHS Housing. We assure you that FHI does not (does) provide data to these companies.

So be extra alert for this kind of practice. Don’t just put your signature. Documents sent by these companies often turn out to be a contract. Instruct your employees well about what they can and cannot sign on behalf of your organization.

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact FHI. Ask for ar Andreas Meijer of Petra Kortenoeven, (033) 465 75 07.