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“From steam engine to the evaporating black hole”
Klaas Landsman, professor of mathematical physics at Radboud University, winner of the Spinoza Prize and author of Foundations of General Relativity. From Einstein to Black Holes, presents at the World of Industry, Technology & Science.
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World of Industry, Technology & Science

Industry, technology and science join forces to show you the world of tomorrow.
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“Together we are strong and my promise to our association is that every voice will be heard. What is also very close to my heart and has been, is and will be a focus for me, is transforming all our members from customers to active participants. If we all contribute a little bit to the federation, we will become stronger together and we will all move forward.”

Dirk Stans, chairman of the FHI federation board

"FHI represents a specific industrial corner with technical expertise, which is essential for our broader SME Netherlands."
Jacco Vonhof
Chair MKB-Netherlands
"We are happy and proud to be a member of FHI. We look forward to working with this enthusiastic group of specialists and hope to make a welcome contribution to the innovative building automation market with our input."
Johan Pot
Bosch Energy and Building Solutions

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General meeting
During the annual general membership meetings of the FHI branches, we discuss the direction of the association, financial matters, board composition and activities for the coming year. Traditionally, we conclude the general membership meetings with an inspiring speaker and networking meeting. This year we have invited science journalist Diederik Jekel.
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