Welcome to the Association for Electromagnetic Power Technology (EMVT) – Power Electronics community

The EMVT – Power Electronics community is an active association. The association annually organizes various live and online meetings around current 'Power Electronics' topics. Company visits and matchmaking meetings with other associations are also organised. The aim of the association is to share knowledge and network in order to meet new and existing relations,

When developments take place within the field in which the members have an interest or involvement, the association actively responds to this.


Recent visit

Tuesday April 16
Visit COBRA cable and NorNed, Tennet Eemshaven.
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The EMVT association regularly organizes activities for members.

Thematic meetings and company visits
Once or twice a year, a special location is visited, where a (day) program with demonstrations, lectures, etc. is put together in consultation with the location.

Lunch sessions
Twice a year we discuss current topics/developments in online lunch sessions and we regularly pay attention to graduation research by PhD students.

General meeting
Every year the association organizes a general membership meeting in which activities and plans are presented to the members. This general membership meeting is always combined with a technical presentation or discussion, or with a company visit to one of the members. In all cases there is ample opportunity for members to have mutual contacts and consultation.