Microsys Lab Gears Up for Future Assembly Challenges with New Hesse BJ653 Wire Bonder

Microsys Lab Gears Up for Future Assembly Challenges with New Hesse BJ653 Wire Bonder Door: Accelonix BV

To address their future demanding wire bond applications, the MICROSYS lab of the University of Liège recently invested in a new Hesse BJ653 automatic wire bonder. This versatile, modular machine supports all commonly used wire bonding techniques and wire materials for both fine and heavy wire or ribbon applications.

Microsys is a laboratory belonging to the Montefiore Institute (Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) of the University of Liège. It was created in 2007 with the support of Walloon Government and European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).  The Microsys team consists of 15 skillful members; among of them 10 are highly educated researchers (including 2 professors and 4 Ph.D. scientists) and 3 Ph.D. students.

Hesse BJ653 in Microsys Clean Room facility. Picture courtesy of ULiège/Microsys

Microsys conducts inter-disciplinary research in the cutting-edge fields off:
• Connected sensors systems
• Energy harvesting and ultra-low-power electronic devices and circuits
• Design of miniaturised electronic circuits
• Micro-assembly, interconnection methods and advanced packaging.

Its main application areas include medical systems for health monitoring, human wellbeing and systems for environment and water that include packaging and integration of bio dies and a variety of sensors and microsystems.

Additionally to research, the laboratory provides a corresponding service in related fields, including micro-assembly and advanced packaging. Operating a main facility of a 200 m² clean room (certified ISO 7 (Class 10.000)) including the critical equipment for production and characterization of microsystems, the Microsys laboratory supports assembly services from prototypes to volumes of tens or hundreds of devices.

Wire bonding is still the predominant, low cost and robust interconnection technology for dies and microsystems.” states Dr. Serguei Stoukatch, Sr Scientist at the Microsys Lab. “Scaling, higher processing speed, higher precision, the use of alternative materials for bonding wires has put us on the lookout for a new wire bonder, supporting aluminum ultra-sonic and gold thermo-sonic wire-bonding.”, he continues.

The Hesse BJ653 with multiple, exchangeable bond heads provides the capability to wire bond in a variety of applications and semiconductor devices. The bonder is ideal for modular, flexible prototype package assembly in proof of concept and small prototype volume.

Dr. Stoukatch: “The user-friendly, simple set up resulted in a quick acceptance of the machine and allows multiple users to operate the system. Its ability to perform automatic wire bonding as well as single bond – manual – operations gives our organization the confidence to support the future requests for quick prototyping and small series production. This flexible bonder is equipped for all Microsys current and future packaging requirements. 

On the cooperation with Accelonix Dr. Stoukatch concludes: “We are happy with the good support during installation, user’s training and set up of new processes. The Accelonix support services for tool maintenance and repair match very well with our expectations.

• Dr. Serguei Stoukatch – ULiège/Microsys
• Luc De Bus – Accelonix BV