Register now for the seminars at the E&A fair

Register now for the seminars at the E&A fair Door: Federatie van Technologie branches

There is a lot of enthusiasm for the E&A fair from September 26 to 28! With the exhibitors at the fair, we are already busy with organizing the seminar program and projects. During the seminars, experts share their experiences and knowledge with visitors so that, in addition to visiting the participating exhibitors, they are also updated  on the latest themes, opportunities and challenges in our market.

A great way to make targeted contact with fair visitors. After all, the interest in the topic is already there! There is still room to give a presentation in the following six seminars:

  1. E-Mobility
  2. Industrial Design
  3. Embedded Software Design
  4. Design for Circularity
  5. Supply Chain/ Obsolescence management
  6. Finding and keeping technical employees

The electrification of vehicles is growing fast. Electronics (hardware and software) play an essential role in this. What are the current challenges in the e-mobility market and how can we solve/improve them through hardware (f.e. batteries/power electronics) and software developments?

Industrial Design
During this seminar we will inform interested parties about the possibilities and challenges in the design of products, devices or machines that can be used in industry. Topics that definitely fit in the program: User Interface Design, HMI and enclosures. The seminar is interesting for product designers, electronics developers, software and hardware manufacturers/suppliers.

Embedded Software Design
This seminar informs embedded software engineers and applicators about the opportunities and challenges in designing (embedded) software for products, devices or machines. Software largely determines the functionality of products. Important issues can be: how do I keep this software remotely up-to-date? And what about traceability, lifetime, reliability and quality management?

Design for Circularity
Because of  the current shortage of materials and raw materials, circular design is more relevant than ever. Design for circularity helps extend the life cycle of products so that they are less likely to need to be replaced. Another important aspect is the reuse and (possible) transformation of raw materials when the product reaches his end of life. When designing a product, it is also important to use sustainable materials/raw materials. How we, as an electronics industry, can contribute to the circular economy is the topic of this seminar.

Supply Chain/ Obsolescence management
In today's component shortage, these topics are more crucial than ever. Supply chain management is about strategically coordinating supply chains where good collaboration with partners both inside and outside the chain is essential. When components from a product are no longer available, or struggle with extremely long delivery times, the search begins for a replacement component with the same functionalities and specifications (obsolescence management). In addition to components, obsolescence management also applies to software, materials and processes. Obsolescence management and supply chain management reduce risks and increase the profitability of a product.

Finding and retaining technical employees
It is common knowledge that many companies are looking for technical staff. Vacancies sometimes remain open for a long time, the recruitment of technicians from schools and universities is limited, and in certain regions the problem is even greater due to a large supply of (high) tech companies. To maintain/improve our competitive position in the Benelux, personnel is extremely important. In this seminar we look at possibilities and tools for companies in the field of internal training, retraining, referral recruitment and we make a link to schools/universities with the aim to find and retain personnel.

Are you interested in being involved in the above seminars? Then contact Marc Berkouwer and we will inform you of a date for the next consultation.

At Internet of Things, Hardware Design and Electronics Manufacturing it is possible to show your interest, but for now these titles are full.   

We would love to hear in which seminar you would like to involved!