DSP-Systems focuses on serving European laboratories with State-of-the-Art automated sample preparation systems. Our innovative, 'green' and reliable laboratory solutions include extraction, purification and concentration processes with the aim to boost laboratory efficiency while at the same time reducing costs and solvent consumption.

GO-6EHT for Dioxin& PCB purification
GO-6EHT for Dioxin& PCB purification
No.1 for PFAS
SPE-03: No.1 choice or PFAS


We are the authorized and official EU-distributor for :
  • Miura, Japan - particularly known for its Dioxin and PCB sample purification solitions
  • PromoChrom, Canada. - particularly known for its compact and versatile PFAS extraction solutions


DSP systems also provide analytical and technical support to ensure smooth operation of our systems and your work processes. We are 'the missing link in your laboratory'!


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