Vicfuse 10×38 fuse with DIN rail holder

Vicfuse 10×38 fuse with DIN rail holder Door: Nijkerk Electronics

VC10 from Vicfuse is a fast acting , full range fuse used in protection of inverters, UPS, motor control or other semiconductor devices. It is available in values up to 1000Vacdc and 40A.


  • Low I²t for improved protection
  • Interrupt rating of 10kA at 1000Vacdc
  • UL approved (E356490)
  • Designed to meet IEC60269-4
  • Compliant with CE and RoHS

VCB10 is a DIN rail holder for 10×38 type fuses.
It is available is 1P, 2P and 3P configuration with or without LED indicator.

Datasheets are available:

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