Würth Elektronik Launches New Technical Podcast

Würth Elektronik Launches New Technical Podcast Door: Würth Elektronik NL B.V.

Knowledge transfer via Watts Up Podcast

Watertown (USA), 21 October 2021 –For over a decade, Würth Elektronik has been broadcasting educational materials through video services with their WEbinar program. Now, these online presentations, along with numerous Application Notes, blogs, interviews, and more are being offered through the new Würth Elektronik Watts Up Podcast.

The Watts Up Podcast is distributed weekly by multiple audio platforms including iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

Amelia Thompson, Customer Outreach Analyst with Würth Elektronik, is the producer, writer, and voice of the Watts Up Podcast. Thompson says, “We have witnessed huge growth in our educational presence over the last two years through our monthly webinars. Following trend, it just makes sense to offer our knowledge through an audio layout of a podcast. Because electronics are visual, we are still able to attach pictures in our platform so the listeners can view them later.”

Since the launch in June 2021, the podcast has been downloaded by hundreds of listeners, and has covered topics such as wireless power transfer, industrial IoT, transformer design, and EMC circuitry.

“The support has been outstanding. Our customers and partners enjoy learning about our services and products, especially when we dive deeper into the technical portion. I look forward to bringing in even more education in the coming weeks,” said Thompson.

Listen to the Würth Elektronik Watts Up Podcast online at www.we-online.com/podcast.