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JTAG Technologies is and will stay in the heart of Electronics

Electronics is everywhere; the world as we know it wouldn’t function without chips and circuit boards. Mobile phones, cars or even hospital beds can only work with those tiny soldered components. But before any chip can start performing, it needs to be tested. That’s where JTAG Technologies comes in, the Eindhoven based company that has taken the manufacturing and testing of digital and mixed signal PCBs to a new level.

Our boundary-scan products can be found in design labs and factories in over 50 countries across the globe and have solved or prevented thousands of board test problems. Since 1993 the company has ensured that this outstanding method for verifying designs and testing printed circuit boards during and after production remained up to date.

Throughout the years, its products and services have grown in line with the evolving standards, technological developments and also with the market and the ever-changing regulations.

What has remained the same over all this time is the essential role that the company plays for all sectors that work with electronics. From the medical world to defense, automotive, and yes, what not? JTAG Technologies is keeping our electronics-controlled society up and running – and, thanks to its focus on continuous development, will remain to do so in the future.


JTAG Technologies can offer you a complete solution for design, production and service. That’s because JTAG Technologies not only was one of the primary architects of boundary-scan but also at all of the developments that improved its performance through the years. Moreover, with JTAG Technologies you can be assured that all future developments will be part of the updates. In a world dominated by electronics, you need a partner you can rely on. JTAG Technologies ensures you a strong position in your industry, today as well as tomorrow.

And you’re not alone: with clients in more than 50 countries, our world-class global support and more than 10.000 systems sold to more than 2500 different customers, we ARE boundary-scan.

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JTAG Technologies
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