Nijkerk Electronics B.V.

Nijkerk Electronics was founded in Amsterdam in 1959 as a distributor of electronic components with subsidiaries in The Netherlands and Belgium. As one of the last independent companies of its kind Nijkerk Electronics succeeded in developing herself as one of the most important suppliers of semiconductors, passive components and display products.

The complementary program of the represented manufacturers gives us the possibility that we can offer a total component solution. A well-trained team of engineers herein is taking care of the right component choice. The system of Nijkerk Electronics offers her customers the possibility to fill in the present logistic wishes out of the market, like buffer stock, just in time and kanban. During the past 4 decades Nijkerk Electronics has invested strategically in state-of-the-art software and computer technology, as well as in-house engineering know-how, to optimize its role as a leading value added distributor of electronic components.

Nijkerk Electronics is part of The Nijkerk Group. The Nijkerk Group currently has 240 employees and is active with the following business units: Distribution of electronics components, System Integration for Industrial Computer Technology, IP Networking integration, Enterprise applications for the Energy, Utility & Facility (EUF) as well as the Transport Systems markets.

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