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FR-4 Alert Door: Eurocircuits N.V.

FR-4 Alert 🚨
Did you know that:

The FR in FR-4 stands for "flame retardant". It refers to its ability to self-extinguish after a fire. 🤚

FR-4 is a composite material made of glass fibers surrounding an epoxy resin 🔍

FR-4 is not the material name, but a collective term for a variety of laminates with different properties. 💡

FR-4 was defined in the 1960s and is still being perfected today. 🔄

FR-4 is the most widely used laminate for printed circuit boards, but it is not simple. 🛠️

🚨🚨🚨 Our FR-4 blog explains the special features and what this means for PCB design 👇

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