Ingegno Maker Space: Exploring innovation

Ingegno Maker Space: Exploring innovation Door: Eurocircuits N.V.

🔧🎉 The Ingegno Maker Space is a creative hub that supports makers, thinkers, and doers by offering workshops, training sessions, and open labs where they can experiment with various machines and technologies 💻💡.

The space focuses on electronics, which is a crucial part of our daily lives, and aims to introduce young and old to this exciting field in an inspiring way 🎊. To achieve this goal, they use soldering kits, such as the "Knipperlichtjes" kit, which is designed to be easy to assemble and solder, even for beginners 📊💻.

Want to learn more about their projects and activities? Check out their blog 📄 and stay updated on their latest news and developments! 👇

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