Nuclear power plants, covid experts and hydrogen

Nuclear power plants, covid experts and hydrogen Door: FHI federatie van technologiebranches

The World of Technology & Science fair is well worth a visit. In addition to the expertise of the exhibitors and the various interesting projects on the exhibition floor, numerous seminars are organised. Experts speak, for example, about the safety of nuclear power plants, the expertise regarding Covid-19 and hydrogen.

Naturally, attention is also paid to the basic techniques for Industrial Processing.

Rational and technical expertise on nuclear power plants, the semiconductor industry, robotization and the response during the Covid-19 pandemic are emphasized in four seminars.

For a technical audience, it is interesting to know how the technology of the current nuclear power plants works, how nuclear installations are inspected and how the future 'Generation 4 reactors' will be designed. The experts will talk about the knowledge needed to guarantee that installations are safe and robust.

This also applies to the Covid experts. Three experts, who have played an important role in personal protective equipment, testing and vaccine development, provide a rational picture of the necessary actions in the two years behind us. They will also address possible lessons for the future with regard to healthcare

Hydrogen is expected to play a major role in the energy transition: a development to which many exhibitors contribute with instrumentation and technical solutions. This will be reflected in the Hydrogen Platform during the fair. Integrated innovations will be shown in the field of production, distribution and application of (green) hydrogen.

Within the entire range of expertise at WoTS 2022, relevant knowledge can be found for every visitor to come up with good solutions for their own challenges.

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