Nuclear power plants, robotization and cyber security

Nuclear power plants, robotization and cyber security Door: FHI federatie van technologiebranches

The World of Technology & Science fair is well worth a visit. In addition to the expertise of the exhibitors and various interesting projects on the exhibition floor, numerous seminars are organised. Experts speak, for example, about the safety of nuclear power plants, robotisation, hydrogen and cyber security. Naturally, attention is also paid to innovations in drive technology.

 Rational and technical expertise on nuclear power plants, the semiconductor industry, robotization and the response during the Covid-19 pandemic are emphasized in four generic seminars.

For a broad technical audience it is interesting to know how the technology of current nuclear power plants works, how nuclear installations are inspected and how the future 'Generation 4 reactors' are designed. The experts present their knowledge to guarantee that installations are safe and robust. The sober story in fact.

In the robotics seminar, a researcher from MIT will give a presentation on the impact of robotics on the industry, the economy and the labor market. A researcher from WUR talks about the lessons nature teaches us. He focuses in particular on the grip technology of frogs and what we can improve with this knowledge in robotization. Two industry examples from Moba and Marel complete this seminar.

When is your company sufficiently 'cyber secure'? What are the challenges in the essential collaboration between the IT and OT department? How do you benefit from digital innovations and at the same time keep a grip on information security? Or what do the regulations say and how do you apply the IEC 62443 standard, for example? In the seminar on Industrial Cyber ​​Security, experts provide answers to these concrete security issues.

Within the entire palette of expertise at WoTS 2022, relevant knowledge can be found for every visitor, in order to arrive at good solutions for their own challenges.

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