Built to address the needs of modern wireless systems, such as phased array antennas, next-gen RF transmitters, and mixed-signal ICs, Version 5.4 offers multi-channel digital modulation analysis when used with Tektronix 5 Series MSO, 6 Series MSO, or DPO70000 Oscilloscopes.

Tektronix has announced the release of its SignalVu Spectrum Analyzer Software, Version 5.4, for multi-channel modulation analysis of up to eight signals in parallel. Engineers can use this software to turn their existing oscilloscope into a comprehensive wireless system tester, instead of investing in a dedicated tester such as a vector signal analyzer. It is particularly valuable for applications requiring time-domain analysis with RF measurements. The package runs on Tektronix 5 Series MSO, 6 Series MSO or DPO70000 oscilloscopes.

Version 5.4 of the SignalVu Spectrum Analyzer Software expands its multi-channel analysis capabilities, enhancing its widely utilized digital modulation analysis feature (option SVM). This latest update supports an extensive array of up to 26 wireless modulation schemes, including but not limited to nFSK, nPSK, and nQAM, introducing 1024QAM to cater to the demands of higher bandwidth applications.

By facilitating the analysis of up to eight simultaneous signal sources, SignalVu Version 5.4 not only elevates the level of insight available to engineers but also enhances productivity. It addresses the complex needs of multi-signal, multi-standard, or multi-Device Under Test (DUT) scenarios, proving itself as an indispensable tool for modern RF and wireless research and development.

Additionally, the introduction of shared-acquisition multi-signal support enables the simultaneous analysis of signals that are frequency-separated yet input through the same scope channel. This is pivotal for the validation and optimization of advanced wireless communication systems, including phased array antennas, next-generation RF transmitters, and mixed-signal integrated circuits.

“With the introduction of multi-channel analysis in SignalVu for oscilloscopes, engineers specializing in advanced communications will find Tektronix an invaluable partner for their RF/wireless signal analysis needs,” said Christopher White, Tektronix Director of Product Management and Performance Platforms. “Although most leading test and measurement competitors provide multi-channel VSA analysis, they often fail to deliver comprehensive cross-domain analysis capabilities, lack intuitive user interfaces, or come with prohibitive costs. Our Version 5.4 directly addresses those pressing challenges by providing advanced, user-friendly, and cost-effective analysis capabilities. Version 5.4 of SignalVu not only solves existing problems, but also significantly impacts the market by raising the standards for signal analysis tools.”

SignalVu Version 5.4 comes on the heels of the September 2023 release of Version 5.3, which added important capabilities such as measuring phase and amplitude difference between multiple signals, supporting external downconverters for measuring higher frequencies, and analyzing pulse characteristics of multiple radar signals simultaneously. The software release also automates phase noise measurements using the MSO.

SignalVu Spectrum Analyzer software gives radio-frequency (RF) engineers and researchers in-depth analysis on RF signals, covering a wide range of applications for wireless, military and government applications, as well as microwave and loT sectors. As an added capability to the modern oscilloscope, SignalVu enables users of MSO/DPO oscilloscopes to gain a comprehensive understanding of complex systems, such as radar, EW, SATCOM, MIMO, uplink/downlink, mesh network, and phased-array systems.

Tektronix SignalVu version 5.4 is now available globally. Digital modulation analysis is available as a downloadable license (SVM). For a 30-day trial license and more details, visit Tek.com.

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